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Covid-19 Informazioni

regarding Covid-19

Wissenswertes in Seefeld

Dear guests and friends of Batzenhäusl!

We care about your safety and health and make them our top priority. This is why we took a series of anti-Covid-19 precautions.

We have taken a series of precautions for the safety of our valued guests and our staff. In doing so we are striving to enable you and your loved ones to enjoy a fantastic vacation in Seefeld, while caring for your safety and health. For your protection and the protection of our other guests and our staff it is important that you are thoroughly informed about all current regulations in our hotel in Seefeld.

We would like to make you aware of the fact that the following information has been edited on June 10th, 2021 and that they will be updated and amended as quickly as possible whenever new pieces of information regarding current regulations are made available. We will gladly listen to your feedback in order to provide any essential missing data. Additional information regarding current regulations will be made available at the front desk.

Access test & validity

Upon entering the hotel, a valid negative test result, or a vaccination certificate, or a confirmation of recovery from Covid-19 (within the last 6 months) must be presented. As for the current status, children up to 10 years do not need an entry test. Since the catering facilities, beauty and wellness area at our hotel are regularly frequented and used by our guests, a test must be carried out every 2 days and a negative test result presented.

Validity of access tests:

  • Self-test with digital solution: 24h
  • Antigen test: 48h
  • PCR test: 72h
  • Recovered persons: 6 months post-affliction
  • Vaccinated persons: 1 year – a minimum of 22 days following the first vaccination

Uncomplicated test options are offered directly in Seefeld. Link to further Covid-19 information from Seefeld.

Optimal health care is guaranteed by 5 resident doctors, three pharmacies and three hospitals in the immediate vicinity. In addition, there is an average of up to three soccer fields per person in our region.

Cleanliness & Hygiene

Generally our hotel in Seefeld naturally adheres to the current general regulations for Austria and the federal district of Tyrol.

These regulations’ key provisions are:

  • At midnight, there is a general curfew for our hotel and all facilities in Austria (e.g. gastronomy, cultural facilities, leisure facilities, etc.).
  • Due to current regulations, the FFP2 mask is mandatory to be worn by all adults and children 14 years and older within the entire hotel as soon as you leave your room.
  • We ask our guests to maintain a safe distance of minimum one meter to individuals who do not live in the same home in the entire hotel and its premises – even outdoors. In order to make this easier, we have provided signs and markings on site.
  • In the indoor area, gatherings of a maximum of 8 people are allowed. In the outdoor area, gatherings of max. 16 people are allowed.
  • In the outdoor area there is NO FFP-2 mask obligation.
  • Whenever possible we ask you to settle your bills preferably with your debit or credit card.
  • Please follow the instructions of our staff on site.
  • Due to the current circumstances we refrain from handshakes. However this affects our happiness to see you in no way 😉
  • You will find disinfectant for your hands in numerous places all over our hotel.

Thanks to planned out cleaning and disinfecting routes by our cleaning personnel and staff we can vouch for the cleanliness and hygiene in our entire hotel, which is our top priority.


  • Please do not remove the FFP2 mask until you have sat down at your table.
  • According to current regulations, a maximum of 8 adults plus children may sit at one table in the indoor area. In the outdoor area, a maximum of 16 people are allowed to sit together.
  • Our staff has been sensitized to the current situation and is equipped with protective gear. Particularly surfaces in the kitchen areas where food is provided are disinfected and cleaned regularly.
  • Self-service at our buffet with food and drinks is possible, however safety provisions do apply:
    • Please wear your FFP2 mask as soon as you leave your table.
    • Please observe indications on site (signs and floor markings).
    • We ask our guests to disinfect their hands immediately prior to serving themselves at the buffet.
    • Please refrain from consuming the provided meals at the buffet, but take them to your table for consumption.
  • Our tables on the terrace may be used upon reservation.


Within the rooms you can of course remove the FFP2 mask. After our guests’ departure the rooms are cleaned thoroughly.

Outdoor Activities and Sports

Official regulations issued by the federal province apply to all outdoor activities and sports. All outdoor sports may be performed in accordance with the safety regulations.

The FFP2 mask must be worn in all closed rooms. This also applies to public transport, supermarkets, all shops, banks and post offices, restaurants and also to the health sector (e.g. in pharmacies).

Information by the federal district of Tyrol

Further information and regulations issued by the federal district of Tyrol:

In case you have any further questions or suggestions our front desk is available for you at +43 5212 50480 
and happy to help!

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Edited on June 10th, 2021

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