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Morning pint at Batzenhäusl

Each Sunday with fair weather

Frühschoppen im Gasthof Batzenhauesl in Seefeld

If the sun is shining, birds are chirping and you can smell the fresh mountain air all over Seefeld each Sunday from 11am to 1pm Batzenhäusl hosts a historical tradition – the morning pint. Old friends and newcomers are welcome alike to spend a relaxing Sunday together. Feel free to join sometime!

Batzenhäusl has been hosting this Austrian traditional encounter on its terrace since foreeeeeever (as the Kaltschmid family puts it). Regulars and new faces enjoy a second breakfast and chat over a pint – all in all a marvellous way to start a Sunday.

Veal sausage and pretzels with a breathtaking view

1204359-1400x932A fantastic view, a pint, a couple of snacks and live traditional music: that is the traditional morning pint. The band plays whatever the guests like, mostly Austrian hits and folk songs because it fits the general mood best. Guests can also choose their favourite morning pint food from the menu: veal sausage, pretzels with sweet mustard, fresh salads and other savoury delicacies.

And now finally summer is near

At least most of the time. Originally we thought we would have to cancel our events more often because of rain, but that has not been the case and we enjoy relaxed Sundays with our guests. Of course you don’t have to reserve a spot, there always is some space available to enjoy a cool beer or refreshing glass of white wine. Afterwards Batzenhäusl is the perfect starting point for a long Sunday walk through the uncanny scenery of Tyrol with its wildlife, plants and surrounding mountains. By the time you get back it might already be time for your dinner at Batzenhäusl 😉

Customer Testimonials

What customers say about us

We were very satisfied. The dog too!!

Hartmut | |

Great hotel for all types of travel

Heribert Birken | |

Centrally located inn with good food

Roswitha | |

Always nice at Batzenhäusl

Markus | |

Feel-good accommodation

Klaus | |

We always love to come back !!!

Christina Pabst | |

Good value for money

Andy | |

Take a break from everyday life

Erika | |

Quaint !! We will be back!

Birgit | |


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Frühschoppen im Gasthof Batzenhauesl in Seefeld

Morning pint at Batzenhäusl

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