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A Tyrolean folk saying goes, ‘Noodles, Nocken (similar to gnocchi), dumplings, Plenten (bread dumplings) are the four Tyrolean elements.’


Fresh, hearty, down-to-earth

Since meat was scarce and precious back then, there are many vegetarian dishes in Tyrolean cuisine. So that the field workers nevertheless got a fatty and substantial meal on their plates – after all, they had to work long and hard in the mountains every day – many hearty delicacies were fried in clarified butter. These include doughnuts, for example. Animal fats were used, among other things, in the Kasnocken (cheese dumplings) or in Tyrolean bacon.

It all depends on the ingredients

For example, potatoes, eggs, flour, bacon and cheese have always been important ingredients for a typical Tyrolean meal. Dumplings come in all kinds of variations, are nutritious, filling and also very tasty when combined with other dishes. Tyrolean bacon dumplings, for example, are often served as a main course in a vegetable or beef soup or as a side dish with delicious roasts.

At the Gasthof Batzenhäusl (see information about the hotel), we serve Austrian home-style cooking. Of course, the Wiener Schnitzel is just as important as roast pork, Kaiserschmarren and apple strudel. You can also look forward to delicious Tyrolean delicacies such as bacon dumplings, cheese dumplings and the famous Tyrolean Gröstl. Everything is prepared from the best ingredients, refined with bacon, curd cheese and gray cheese.

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Menu Gasthof Batzenhäusl

In addition to the delicacies we offer from the menu, there are daily changing dishes that we highly recommend. Ask for the current daily menu directly at our Gasthof Batzenhäusl.

Tyrolean specialities – Top 5 dishes

We have put together 5 dishes from Tyrolean cuisine that you should try during your holiday in Seefeld. Hearty, spicy and hearty – this is what your holiday in Tyrol tastes like!

#1 Tyrolean cheese dumplings

The popular Kaspressknödel are basically bread dumplings with delicious, Tyrolean seasoning in the form of grey cheese or mountain cheese. These are then slowly baked in the fat until golden brown. You will find different varieties of Kaspressknödel in Tyrolean cuisine. For example, here at the Batzenhäusl you can order the Kaspressköndel in clear soup or Kaspressknödel with sauerkraut. This Tyrolean speciality can also be eaten with salad or as a side dish. One thing is certain, whatever variation you get it in, Kaspressknödel are heartily delicious!

#2 Tyrolean Brettljause or also called Tyrolean Marend

After a long hike through the magnificent alpine world or a day on the slopes, a Brettljause (snack) simply tastes best. The typical Tyrolean Marend or Brettljause was usually eaten as a snack after hard work in the fields. This is how the farmers fortified themselves in the afternoon.  To ensure that the snack is also fortifying, hearty ingredients are served. At the Batzenhäusel you can get the Oberländer Jausenteller with Kaminwurzen, Kassler, mountain cheese, Krustenbraten, horseradish, spicy garnish, butter and brown bread.

#3 Tyrolean “Kasspatzln” or cheese noodles

If you are on holiday in Tyrol and visit restaurants and inns with Tyrolean cuisine, you will often find Tyrolean cheese spaetzle on the menus. The Tyrolean secret in this dish, similar to the Kaspressknädeln, lies in the spicy Tyrolean grey cheese or mountain cheese. This cheese in melted form and refined with fried onions creates a dish to melt away 😉 Of course, you will also find the Tyrolean cheese spaetzle with fried onions and leaf salad in our menu.

#4 Tyrolean “Schlutzkrapfen”

Pasta lovers also get their money’s worth here in Tyrol. Our Schlutzkrapfen are similar to the Italian ravioli. In the traditional version, the dumplings are available either with meat or in vegetarian form. The meat filling is usually made of veal or beef and the vegetarian version is made of potatoes. On the menu in our Batzenhäusl, the tasty Schlutzkrapfen can be found among the vegetarian dishes. We serve the Schlutzkrapfen with brown butter and parmesan.

#5 The Tyrolean Gröstl

A real Tyrolean Gröstl not only tastes delicious, it also gives you strength. The Tyrolean Gröstl comes in different variations, so you can order it from us with a fried egg and coleslaw, for example.

We look forward to you!

If you want to enjoy the Tyrolean Gröstl with a view of the Alps on a sunny day in our Batzenhäusl, then it’s high time for your next holiday. Just give us a call or write to us.


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