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Hiking, cycling, biking or playing tennis. We have the best possible offer in store for your relaxing dream vacation in Seefeld, Tyrol. Still, regardless of what awaits you at the Batzenhäusl, you should definitely not miss out on the great places and destinations in Seefeld. For this reason, we have outlined our highlights in our Region Seefeld for you.

Blick auf Seefeld vom Gschwandtkopf mit Blumen (Querformat)

Seefeld’s landmark

The Seekirchl

At the western entrance to Seefeld, you will find the Seekirchl, which was inaugurated in 1666 after 38 years of construction. Decisive for the construction of this excursion destination was the miraculous cross on the high altar, which forms the spiritual center of the Seekirchl.

Once a repentant pilgrim prayed in front of the cross and it forgave her sins with clear words. And when Archduke Leopold V walked by it, the sight touched him so much that he asked a priest to hear his confession and promised to build a chapel in honor of the cross. By the way, these two stories are depicted on the wall frescoes on the right and left.

Traditional fences are part of the cultural landscape in Seefeld
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And because they are among the oldest testimonies to rural culture, they are also part of the Tyrolean identity. No matter where you go in our Olympic region, you will spot fences everywhere. And if you look closely, you will see that they are a true craftsmanship. They will certainly mark another highlight on your tour across the Seefeld high plateau. In addition, you can also learn something about historical fence forms and their construction.

Power places in Reith near Seefeld

Let the positive energies flow within you. Feel their calming effect. Raise your awareness. Reith with its many places of power in the form of chapels, churches and wooden shrines should definitely be on your list of destinations to see during your vacation. All places are situated amidst nature.

Feel the power of water at the source of Isar

The Isar has its origin in the municipality of Scharnitz, which is surrounded by the massive Karwendel mountain range. This description alone makes the destination a highlight worth visiting. The history of this river is closely interwoven with the history of the Alpine region. You can experience and enjoy this place on new display boards in a wonderful rest area at the source of Isar. Hermann Hesse described the unique flora and fauna of this place with the words, ‘A very beautiful river. I have often listened to it, often looked into its eyes, and I’ve always learned from it’.

Slider-Kaltwassersee Panorama

Did you already find your favorite destination?

There are certainly further places and highlights around Seefeld that we can recommend. But the above mentioned are our most popular destinations. Now, all that’s missing is your booking. Call us or write to us. We’ll do the rest together in peace and quiet when you’re here.

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